Tweets From Pope Francis

Being disciples of Jesus and progressing along the path of #holiness means first and foremost letting ourselves be transfigured by the power of God’s love.
To give hope to others, sometimes it is simply enough to be kind, to put aside your own worries and priorities in order to show interest, give the gift of a smile, speak an encouraging word, create a space for listening amid so much indifference.
Jesus, the Good Shepherd, cares for us because he truly loves us. We, the Church’s pastors, are asked to show that same generosity in tending the flock, so as to manifest Jesus’ concern for everyone and his compassion for each person's wounds. #CureOfArs
I hope that #Lebanon, with the help of the international community, may continue on the path of rebirth, remaining faithful to its vocation to be a land of peace and pluralism, where communities of different religions can live in fraternity.
May the fortitude and peaceful action of the indigenous peoples of #Canada be an example for all indigenous peoples not to close in on themselves, but to offer their contribution for a more fraternal humanity that knows how to love creation and the Creator.
The second step of our journey was reconciliation, and the third, healing, drawing from Christ, the spring of living water. There, in Jesus, we saw the proximity of the Father who heals wounds and also forgives sins.