The Lord is risen; He is risen indeed, Alleluia From the Pastor’s Desk – April 20/21 – Easter 2019

Bless the Lord for this beautiful season of Easter when the blossoms remind us that winter is once again over, the warmth and sunshine assure us of a summer’s proximity and Jesus’ Word and Sacraments inspire our faith, hope and love in a God who has gloriously triumphed over the darkness of sin and death. Thanks to all who contributed their varied talents to make our liturgies of worship both beautiful and inspiring. Regular Masses resume this coming Thursday/Friday with faith study on ‘obedience’ carrying on Friday after Mass. Next weekend of Divine Mercy we’ll hold our annual SRL AGM right after Mass, followed by a bbq/pot luck. Let’s hope for good weather. Last weekend it was a joy to connect with Lily at Children’s Hospital and sing her happy birthday via ‘facetime’. When I dropped off our card and gifts of cash, her grandparents assured me she was happy and moved by our love . Don’t forget the Veritas opportunity to learn more of our faith and introduce others to it. It starts with a welcome meal on May 2nd and for food preparation registration is required. Peace of the risen Lord be with you. Fr. Dean